Township Officials

Elected Officials:

James Dubay - Supervisor
Connie Fantozzi - Clerk
Karen Snyder - Treasurer
Gerald Rivard - Trustee
Leroy Day - Trustee


Anissa Zaucha (989) 225-1070


Bill Fantozzi (989) 313-0180


Bret Witte (989) 513-9556

Planning Commission:

Leroy Day
Lee Deary
Greg Jacobs
Kathleen Niemiec

Zoning Board of Appeals:

Dennis Landosky
Kathleen Niemiec

Zoning Administrator

Kathryn Riggie (989) 225-9608

Building, Plumbing and Electrical Permits call Area Code Enforcement at 989-313-2168 or visit their website at:

Garfield Township Fire Department

Brad Hoffman - Fire Chief
Bryan Neumeyer - Assistant Fire Chief
Rick Satkowiak - Training Officer
Becky Hoffman - Medical Officer / Secretary
Paul Smith - Safety Officer
Gerald Rivard - Treasure
Amy Armontrount
Greg Armontrount
Wayne DeHate
James Dubay
Tony Holstine
Errin Milkowski
Mike Milkowski
Ronald Monsion
William Pelton
Chuck Pierce
Jared Satkowiak
Mark Satkowiak
Steve Schumacher
Robert Umphrey
Josh Vennix

Additional Information

Spring cleanup dumpsters will be at the hall on 4-15-2017. First come first serve
Fall cleanup dumpster will be at the hall on 9-15-17. First come first serve

For burn permits call 1-866-922-2876 or go to

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